We are excited to celebrate our 115th Anniversary as a congregation during our church picnic August 5th! Bethlehem was officially organized July 5, 1903 and was granted our corporate charter on August 31st that same year.

From humble beginnings, we are a people of hope who vigorously make known the love of Christ by serving our members and our community with up to 4 opportunities per week to be blessed by the Word of God purely proclaimed and the Sacraments administered according to Christ’s institution even as we remain faithful to Christ’s command to make supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings for all people. In addition, we provide 2 regular weekly Bible Studies and support our pastor as he goes house-to-house teaching the Word of God among old and young.

In addition to “Let[ting] the Word of God dwell richly” in our midst, we also live a life of mercy to our neighbors. Often done in a manner where “the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing,” our members serve faithfully “where they are” in the daily vocations which God has given to them in their families and places of employment in addition to coming together to work as a congregation to help and support our community in various ways such as collections for the local pregnancy center, a mobile food pantry offered 5 times per year, an annual collection of toys and cleaning supplies for families in need of assistance within our community, making quilts and blankets which are distributed to various community organizations and outside mission projects, and other special collections for various needs of which we are made aware.