Sometimes, life doesn’t fit into easy boxes, especially when you’re growing up.  Sunday Evenings from 6PM – 8PM is a time set aside for Christian young people to be young Christians.  We spend some time in fellowship activities – playing games and having fun.  We also spend time “chatting” – digging into the questions of “life, the universe and everything” that we all have and seeking to know and understand how to answer them as Christians.  Some weeks, time is set aside for planning and doing activities as a group for the benefit of the congregation, the community, and the members of our group.

Each evening is typically capped of with Christian youth being Christians.  We gather together in the sanctuary to hear God’s Word and to pray for one another and for our community, seeking God’s blessing upon the week ahead and receiving the assurance of  the forgiveness of sins and grace and mercy that God bestows on us for the sake of Christ Jesus.

The evening is open to youth in grades 7-12 as well as their parents or other significant adults in their lives to get together in Christian community.

Join us – 6PM – 8PM on Sunday Evenings!